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Making The Beach More Comfortable

Hi, fellow beachgoers. My name is Brian, and I’m the creator of the Ballast outdoor pillow. The first and only pillow designed for use at the beach.

I spent several years wanting a beach pillow, and wondering why one didn’t exist. I knew a traditional stuffed pillow wouldn’t work, as it would get ruined in the salt water and sand. And inflatable outdoor pillows are so lightweight, they’d get blown away on a windy beach. The key was to find a way to hold a pillow down without incorporating weight, because nobody wants to lug something heavy around.

That’s when I got the idea for the Ballast outdoor pillow: a soft, weather resistant pillow with an attached pouch that you can fill with a small scoop of sand to temporarily weigh it down. Voila! This simple, nature-inspired, solution allows us to have what we’ve always wanted (what we’ve always deserved!): a pillow for the beach. Or, as I call it, a nap enhancer.

We’re on a mission to make the beach more comfortable, and life more relaxing. Please connect with us through our newsletter or on social media to learn about promotions and new products. We’ll see you at the beach!

Brian Kirk, CCO
Chief Comfort Officer

Supporting our beautiful beaches

Visiting the beach is a unique pleasure shared by people of all ages, locations, and backgrounds. Nearly all beaches are public for this reason. It’s a natural wonder we all share as a basic human right. I mean, where else do people feel comfortable around complete strangers in what amounts to their underwear? At Ballast, we cherish this planet, and all of its natural resources, but hold a special reverence for the coastline with its beautiful sandy beaches and awe-inspiring views. Our mission is to enhance the beach experience, not only by making it more comfortable, but also by helping to keep our beaches clean and healthy for us all to enjoy, and that includes marine wildlife as well. We are currently exploring how we at Ballast can be good stewards to our beaches and coastlines. So please stay tuned for an announcement to come. Meanwhile, we’d love to hear about your favorite coastline sustainability efforts, which you can send here.